H E Y  T H E R E!


Thanks for stopping by! Hi, I'm Amanda Barnes and I am so honored that you have taken the time to look over my work and get to know me a little bit better. My passion for photography lies in my sincere love for capturing authentic moments. Since beginning my photography journey in 2012, I have strived to capture my clients' personalities and relationships in every image. 

A  L I T T L E  A B O U T  M E

*I studied Fine Arts with an emphasis in Photography at the University of Colorado at Boulder

*Taking a beautiful photo makes me do the happy dance

*I am frequently told that I should do voices in cartoons

*My happy place is Lake Michigan

*I love capturing genuine moments and emotion

*I split my time between my hometown of Ann Arbor, Michigan and beautiful San Francisco, California

*I can make a mean cocktail

*I'm a jukebox fiend, Night Moves by Bob Seger is my go-to song

*I regularly tear up during the father-daughter dance

*I daydream about long road trips