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L O V E  L E T T E R S  F R O M  C L I E N T S 

Oh my gosh! Words can’t even explain how grateful I am for these photos. You are simply amazing. These pictures brought tears to my eyes and I have looked through them already at least 100 times. These turned out so so beautiful and I can’t wait to get them printed and so excited to see the rest! I will definitely be recommending you to everyone I know :) - Lauren & Spencer

Amanda, you are spectacular. Your personality is one that I connected with on our first call and it continued until you left. You made me feel special and beautiful. Thank you for that! Saturday was the best day of our lives and you were definitely an important part of that. I personally loved the energy you brought to the day. And now to see a couple of the photos, I don't think we could be happier. In fact, they made me cry and I can't stop looking at them! Thank you for sharing your passion and your art. So far they are exceeding our expectations. We cannot wait to see the rest! - Jenn & Chris

WOWOWOWOWOW!!!!!!! Omg we are in love with these pictures!!!! You are so talented!!!!! - Stephanie & Dan

I am honestly speechless... every time I go to write something to tell you how deeply I can still feel the magic of the day, I just start crying! I was so sad when it was all over with. Thank you for capturing the vibrant, sentimental, exciting, and even quieter moments. You are incredible. Thank you for giving me something that will keep the butterflies alive in my stomach, forever. These pictures captured the day beautifully. I am forever grateful for you. <3 - Haley & Brandon

Thank you so much!! These are great and we can’t wait to see the rest!! The day after you were here Maya decided she wanted to be a photographer when she grows up and Adler wants to be Amanda when he grows up ;) - The  Jain Family

We couldn’t be happier with how they turned out! We can’t describe how much we love each photo. I find myself looking through them every few hours. I like remembering the love, happiness and beauty these photos depict that special day; surrounded by everyone in our life. We can’t say enough great things about our photographer, and I think these photos prove how amazing she was. You captured everything we could have asked for that day. - Sarah & Paul

We LOVE love love them!!! Thank you so much!! You were so much fun to hang out with and having you there on our special day meant the world to us! You did the best job and you were such a pleasure to be around! Xoxo - Lindsey & Klint 

Each photo is stunning, absolutely stunning. I look at them and just smile. You did a fantastic job. I love the settings and the way you got them to open up.  You truly brought out their inner beauty.  Thank you again. The photos made my day and I am sure they will brighten me up whenever I look at them.  The girls had a fantastic time. You are an amazing photographer. - The Ristich Family

THANK YOU SO MUCH, these look amazing!! We are so excited to see all the shots. You were such a sense of calm throughout the weekend and we loved working with you.  You are THE BEST! There are some amazing family shots that are so special and we will definitely be framing :) - Anastasia & Jeff

We are still loving and admiring our wedding photos, nearly 5 months later. They're in our homes, on our phones, on websites and Instagram and we are so in LOVE! That being said, we want to thank you again for the beautiful work you did for us on our special day! - Katia & Kenny

I accomplished nothing the entire morning because I was engulfed by the beautiful pictures.  Richard was up until midnight looking at the pictures (lol) You are beyond awesome.  I am literally thinking through reasons to have you take my picture again.  Seriously, you truly captured the entire day. You made me smile, laugh, and get emotional as I scrolled through the memories.  You and all your hard work are worth every penny. Sending hugs! - Alison & Rich

Thanks so much!  Not only were you so much fun to spend the day with, but we appreciated how sensitive you were to everyone's comfort and the ability to always be there without being intrusive.  I've seen so many weddings where the photographer and videographer are always so noticeable but both you and James worked so well together as a team in the background.  Truly amazing professionalism but also like having an old friend there. :) Love you both! - Chris & Rally

You have made our morning with these beautiful pictures! We are leaving Bali, Indonesian in a couple of hours. THANK YOU SO MUCH! We cannot wait for the rest of it. OH MY GOD THANK YOU THANK YOU! (:  - Ida & Steven

Thank you so much for everything ️ Amanda, you were incredible and seriously went above and beyond.  You made us feel so comfortable and if there is a platform that we can review please send us all of that info! Thank you so much!!! - Gabby & Chris

Thank you SO much. These are gorgeous and even better than we had hoped!!  Thanks for making us look so good :) - Sarah & Phil

I don't even know how to thank you. You made Jenn feel so beautiful on her most special day.  Even though she is the most beautiful woman in the world to me, there are times when she does not believe it when I tell her so. Your words of encouragement and most importantly, the photos we have seen so far have far surpassed our expectations. - Chris & Jenn

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